Ecobeautica: A Call for Natural Beauty

The name for a company carries with it the same hopes that the name for a newborn child does. It needs to be something that fits, something that gives it purpose or a dream to aim for. For a spa especially, it needs to be something that makes it clear what the company is really about.

For us, it all comes down to this: Ecobeautica was named for you to give you back the energy and peace of mind you need.


For the love of nature, the use of natural products, and the relaxation that those products can bring to you. We use natural products to reenergize you and help you destress.


From the word beauty, of course. But, succeeding the eco in Ecobeautica as it does, beauti specifically relates to natural beauty and the way that wildlife brings beauty to the world and purifies our air and environment. For that reason, we use natural and organic so that we can bring you nature and beauty, together.


From calm, calcium, and call. Call brings together all the elements of the name: Eco, Beauti, and Ca, A Call for Natural Beauty.


It’s all in the name. The name Ecobeautica lines up with our philosophy that wholesome, all-natural products can bring beauty and calm to you, our clients. Ecobeautica is a place where you will feel relaxed, reenergized, rejuvenated, and purified inside and out.