When seasons change, we do our dues – get rid of everything that reminds us of winter and do everything to feel fresh for summer. Internet if full of articles on how to get ready for summer, how to get summer body, how to prep your skin for summer and so on. Even “RompHim” sold more pieces that the founders would ever expect.


Summer preparation is real, no doubt! However, do you think we are forgetting that everything starts from the gut? Don’t you think our bodies need some cleaning to be able to feel fresh from the inside as well?

That’s what Detoxification does!


Why Detox?


The modern, everyday life is saturated with toxins. They are so common, that we don’t even notice them. In big cities like New York, where you are surrounded by car exhaust, secondhand smoke, construction byproducts and dirty subways, you acknowledge it when you accidentally breathe in a plume of smoke or consciously hold your breath to avoid it.


And those are just examples of perceptible toxins. Now, think about the things you can't notice. Things like mercury in your fish, contaminants in your supplements, pesticides on your fruits and vegetables, arsenic in your chicken, and who knows what else.


 Luckily, our bodies are built to clean themselves on the inside thanks to a wonderful thing known as the detoxification system. In the same way that your liver gets rid of all the alcohol in your system when you've had a fun night partying, your liver is also responsible for getting rid of many other toxins. For people like you who lead modern lives, the liver may have a lot to clean out, spreading itself thin and finding itself unable to flush out all the toxins it needs to.


We think you should give your body some extra support so it can detoxify properly.


Here's What You Get out of Detoxifying:


  • Skin that feels fresher and younger
  • Waking up feeling refreshed
  • Having a better mood
  • Getting through the day with more energy
  • Feeling that energy coursing through your veins
  • Losing weight with more ease
  • Letting go of the tension in your bones and muscles
  • Feeling like you can take in the air better


All for just giving your body a little extra support so it can do its job better. Sounds like a good trade!



Want to know if there are toxins in your body? Take our Toxic Burden Test to find out![SK1]  If you answer "yes" to at least 5 questions, consider taking part in Ecobeautica's detoxification program.





Detox with Supplements


10-15 Day Detox programs requiring starving your body from food, nutrition and minerals are very common these days. However, every single body is different and requires personal approach. So before you go for any detoxification program, have a consultation with health and supplement coaches. This will ensure that you get the most out of your detoxification program and will keep your body on the right track to feeling refreshed and healthy again.



Ionic detoxification foot bath


The ionic detoxification foot bath uses water, sea salt, a low-voltage current, and the pores in your feet to support your body's detoxification system. The low-voltage current ionizes the water, splitting water molecules into H+ and OH- ions. These charged ions enter your body through the pores of your feet and march around like a microscopic detox brigade on the hunt for oppositely-charged toxins. They find and attach themselves to those toxins, effectively neutralizing the toxins and making it easier for your body to eliminate them through its usual means (sweating, urinating, or defecating).


While you're sitting through your ionic detoxification foot bath, you'll notice that the water changes color. Note that this color is not indicative of the toxins leaving your body. Rather, it changes color due to the electrolytic reaction between the water and any impurities it has. Typically the water will turn orange or brown in color, but the presence of other colors or substances could indicate which parts of your body are being detoxified.



Looking for More Detox Support?


There are some extra activities you can do to support your body while going through ionic detoxification foot baths. Stuff like:


  • Drinking enough water so that your urine is pale yellow in color. This will keep your body hydrated and better able to cleanse itself.
  • Eating fresh, raw foods, especially those that are rich in nutrients and probiotics.
  • Getting enough fiber to support your colon and support the elimination of toxins trapped in the gastrointestinal tract. PaleoFiber™ Berry and P.B. Meal™ bars are good sources of fiber.
  • Taking probiotics to support your immune system, your colon, and your digestive system's ability to absorb nutrients. Only take high-quality, medical-grade probiotics like Probiotic Synergy™.
  • Taking digestive enzymes like those in Plant Enzyme Digestive Formula to support digestion.
  • Taking omega-3 supplements to support cell hydration, immunity, and heart health. OmegAvail™ Liquid and OmegAvail™ Synergy are excellent, high-quality options.
  • Using Detox: Original 14-Day Program to support the safe elimination of toxins.
  • Replenishing your minerals levels after a detoxification foot bath, as detox sessions could deplete the body of good minerals. Consider the mineral supplements Metabolic Synergy™, Complete Mineral Complex, or PaleoCleanse Plus™.


Detox is good, and we hope you get all the benefits from it. Just make sure that when you jump into the cleansing world of detoxification, do it knowledgeably.

 [SK1]Link to detox webpage